How Automation is Transforming the Manufacturing Sector

There was a time when robots were the exclusive property of the sci-fi realm, something you saw in a movie; fast forward to today and you see a level of automation like never before. The surge of development in the robotics sector combined with digital tech to provide complex manufacturing processes, carried out with speed and precision.

Programmable Logic Controllers

A PLC is a computer that has been adapted to manage a production line, which fully maximises output and for many small factories, the PLC solution means they can reach their quota targets. AI software eliminates errors and with the Internet of Things and 5G, we are moving into a new dimension of digital connectivity. Mega corporations such as Amazon make full use of automation and all of this hi-tech equipment needs careful human supervision; teams of engineers share the tasks and monitoring everything is shared among the team.

3D Printing

While 3D printing is just emerging in the retail sector, it has been hard at work in factories all over the world, which produce precise components and assemble machinery and equipment. The process begins with a 360° scan to create a digital master and this data is sent to the 3D printer, which creates a perfect replica using your chosen materials.

Maximum Output

If you have a fully automated production line, you can expect to boost production significantly and if there is a high demand for your products, you should be at full capacity, with minimal interruption. There are specialist PLC suppliers who can design an automated system for the client and they provide the whole package, including staff training and ongoing maintenance and management.

Composite Materials

You may already know about graphene, a remarkable material that is light, strong and virtually indestructible. If you made a car body from graphene, you could wield a sledgehammer to the vehicle and it would even scratch the surface. Graphene is also a good conductor of electricity and you will see graphene made products on show in the retail stores soon.

Complete Integration

The latest versions of PLC systems can integrate with any digital platform or computer language; for tailored solutions, talk to Thailand’s leading industrial automation specialist who has a wide range of PLC solutions to automate your manufacturing processes. Even though the production line is automated, there are still many things to do, but you will save a lot on labour costs when automation is introduced.