April 16, 2024

If selecting specialized equipment for your commercial washer and dryer business raises more questions than it answers, then this is for you. To help you select the most suitable ironer for your company, we have compiled a comprehensive guide. Even though the final decision depends on a lot of things, stay with us and read on to learn everything there is to know before purchasing an ironer.

Do you provide ironing services to customers visiting your dry cleaning business? You can save time and attract more customers with the help of a commercial ironing machine, both of which will boost your profits. Smaller ironers take longer to iron since they are not designed to iron wide items.

Width of the work surface

Another important factor is the width of the working surface. Calculating the width of the ironer’s working area is as easy as determining how wide the largest load of clothes you will handle will be. Remember that you can iron larger items of laundry by folding them in half, such as queen-sized sheets. The ironer’s diameter, to the width of your working surface, is also important. The diameter determines the final result. The bigger it’s, the longer the cloth is in contact with the iron’s surface and the more pressure is applied to the laundry. Due to this, the process goes more quickly, and more water is evaporated.

Heating source

It’s also important to consider the iron’s heating options. Is it gas, steam, or electricity? Electricity is used to heat the iron and power an electric iron. Since they are so simple to set up, they’re also the most popular option for end users. The only things you need to make sure of before deciding are whether or not you have single-phase or three-phase power on the premises and whether or not you have enough leased kilowatts to power other laundry appliances.

There are times and places when gas flatwork irons can be used instead of electric irons. The irons function in the same way as electric ones. The installation process is what sets them apart, as you’ll need to decide whether to use city gas or a natural gas tank. Last but not least, some irons can be heated by steam, which is produced by a boiler. This type of heating system is typically employed in large buildings like hospitals and government buildings.


The high cost of commercial ironing equipment is a major hindrance to new laundry businesses. That’s why people choose to buy a household or even used ironers for their business, even though the latter usually costs more. Generally speaking, the warranty on business use of used irons has either long since expired or is invalid. Spare parts, such as ironing canvas and filters, are hard to come by, and finding authorized repair providers can be challenging when the appliances were purchased outside the local market. The ironer is not a “one-and-done” appliance, so it’s important to consider both your current and long-term goals when making a purchase. Once your business starts, it might be too late to realize that you bought equipment that doesn’t work for you.

Commercial ironers offer a wide range of irons for drying, ironing, and folding flat linen in a way that is up-to-date and effective. With them, you can meet the needs of all kinds of industries and clients.